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Innophore GmbH
Am Eisernen Tor 3
8010 Graz
+43 316 269 205

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Company name: Innophore GmbH
Address: Am Eisernen Tor 3
ZIP City: 8010 Graz
Tel: +43 (0) 316 / 269 205

Regristration number: FN 464141 k
(Landesgericht für Zivilrechtssachen Graz)
UID: AT U71943613
Member State: AT
VAT Number: AT U71943613

Business purpose:

B2B distribution of an Enzyme Search Platform and of enzyme information. Description and search for biophysical and chemical properties of compounds or materials, development of new technologies, processes and software, research and development in bioinformatics and structural biology but also in sectors including industry, technology and health care, commerce of all kinds, including import and export, the provision of services of all kinds including business consulting and the production of goods of all kinds.

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Am Eisernen Tor 3 | 8010 Graz | Austria
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