License and Disclaimer

License and Disclaimer:

Virus Watch is a project of Innophore GmbH.
Data generated is available for academic and commercial use under a CC-BY-4.0 ( license.

If you use Virus Watch, please cite the following publication:
Optimizing variant-specific therapeutic SARS-CoV-2 decoys using deep-learning-guided molecular dynamic simulations.
K. Köchl, T. Schopper, V. Durmaz, L. Parigger, A. Singh, A. Krassnigg, M. Cespugli, W. Wu, X. Yang, Y. Zhang, W. Wen-Shang Wang, C. Selluski, T. Zhao, X. Zhang, C. Bai, L. Lin, Y. Hu, Z. Xie, Z. Zhang, J. Yan, K. Zatloukal, K. Gruber, G. Steinkellner & C. C. Gruber, Sci. Rep. (under review)

Data generated using Virus Watch is based on theoretical calculations only and should be interpreted with caution. No warranty of any kind is given, weather expressed or implied. Data calculated with the app must not be considered a substitute for medical diagnosis and does not constitute medical advice, nor a diagnosis or suggestion of treatment. Improper or malicious use is not permitted and the use of this application to engage in illegal activities is strictly forbidden. Virus Watch and Innophore GmbH cannot be made liable for illegal and malicious use of the application, or any possible damage caused by the application.
Innophore GmbH reserves the right to update or modify the application at any given time without further notice.

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Licence and Disclaimer

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